"My breastfeeding challenges started immediately after my little girl was born. Within two days breastfeeding became very painful and each feeding was taking several hours.  I went to see Michelle when Amelia was four days old and she evaluated her latch and suck. She was able to tell me that Amelia's suck was disorganized and she had the signs of a posterior tongue tie. Well, long story short Amelia DID have a tongue tie, and about a month after we corrected it all our breastfeeding issues went away. I am confident that I would not have made it past those first 12 weeks without Michelle's support and encouargment! She pointed me in the direction of a great support group for tongue tie, along with dentists and chiropractors that helped Amelia and I. She visited my house to ease my worries about Amelia's weight again. Michelle allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am forever grateful for her unwavering support! Thank you so much Michelle!" 


"I'm a mom of now three my youngest is just 6 weeks old..I wanted to have a better experience this time around for nursing but we were 6 weeks in and baby was doing great, gaining weight like he was supposed to, his latch looked great but mommy was still in so much pain..so Michelle came to my home which was so much more convenient, comfortable and so worth it, so much better than going to a lactation facility. I was very comfortable with Michelle, she checked his latch, our positioning, offered different positions and options which made me feel more confident while nursing. I look foward to continue this journey and would highly recommend Michelle!" 


"For the first few days after baby was born breastfeeding went well. About a week later my breasts were engorged, cracked, and hurting. Many times I thought of quitting but I was determined not to quit on my baby. I decided to ask for help first on social media, and while I received plenty of sympathy, references and recommendations, it didn't change anything for me. A couple people suggested Michelle, and almost immediately after I contacted her Michelle came to my home. She showed me what I needed to correct and educated me on a level I was completely unaware of. To this day she continues to help me and she is absolutely amazing! She is helpful and very responsive. Thanks to her, I continue to breastfeed, my baby continues to thrive, and I owe her my deepest gratitude for helping me in my desperate time of need. Not only is Michelle very knowledgeable, warm and patient, she's without a doubt genuinely passionate about what she does."


"Michelle came to my house when my second son was just 5 weeks. She was able to quickly assess my tecqnique as well as a mechanical problem with my son. She was very skilled and knowledgeable as well as kind, gentle and patient. Because of her recommendations my son is much more comfortable after feedings and is gaining weight. Thank you Michelle for doing what you do!!" 


"My breastfeeding journey has not been easy, quite frankly it was a hot mess. I was so lost, insecure and in a very low place. I had no idea how to get through it and then Michelle came to my rescue. I know that I would have given up on breastfeeding if it wasn't for her! She took the time to really understand what was going on. Without hesitation she was there for me. We did it!!! Before when I would try nursing without a shield Ezekiel wouldn't latch correctly and now I don't need to use a shield and I have no pain. Michelle supported me and guided me with my concerns with my son's lip and tongue tie. I couldn't be more excited to now be nursing pain free! Thank you so much for the personalized care you have provided. Ezekiel and I will forever be grateful."