10-12 hour support FAQ


1. What time of day can you be here?

I will be with you for 10-12 hours between 8am and 8pm. 1 hour during traditional lunch hours (11am-1pm) will be taken for a break and is not excluded from the 10-12 hours. In order to be sure that I am offering my best clinical and emotional support, I do not have availability for nighttime.

2. What will you help with?

I will assist with each feeding and pumping session, supporting you through and answering your questions. We can work together on issues that may have arisen such as engorgement, breast pain, and bringing in your milk supply.

3. What will you do between feeding and pumping sessions?

Foremost I will be available to you for information and encouragement. I am happy to be an awake adult in the room if you want to snooze with your baby and feel more comfortable that way. I will help with general baby care at your request if an adult in the family is unable to attend (it is better for bonding if the partner or other involved adult is the main participator).  If you and baby are content, I will have office work or reading to keep me occupied.

4. Anything you won’t do?

While there is no way to make an exhaustive list, in general please do not expect me to perform housework. 

5. Will my insurance cover this service?

No, unlike my initial and comprehensive consultation, I cannot make a superbill for this separate service for you to submit to your insurance company to request reimbursement. 

6. I have more questions, how do I contact you?

I'd love to hear from you! Please call or e-mail.